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Grider: Prototypying the next generation Hypergrid


I’ve already blogged (here and here) about hypergrid, a virtual world architecture that allows the federation of Opensim grids (or “worlds”), and in particular teleports between grids. Using hypergrid, you can teleport, for example, from OSGrid to my grid, the Condensation Land Grid, or between OSGrid and Sciencesim, or between Sciencesim and the Cyberlandia grid, etc. Wagner James Au reported in the New World Notes blog about a demo run by Tom Murphy at the Metaverse University in which hypergrid teleports were shown between grids located in different parts of the US. Hypergrid is developing very fast, and once it’s stabilized and distributed widely, it will implement the vision of a world-wide network of connected grids, where big corporate or educational grids will coexist with small, home-based grids. And thanks to the hypergrid teleport, all these grids will appear as a single world like Second Life is today — hence the name “hypergrid” :-)

Here’s a sample video showing hypergrid teleports in action:

In this article I’ll discuss some details of the current hypergrid architecture, some of the security risks involved, and how a new, more secure hypergrid architecture (sometimes called “safe hypergrid” or “hypergrid 2”) is being developed.

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