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ZOE version 0.1 released


Zoe (Zonja’s OAR Editor) is a simple offline OAR manipulation tool that I wrote recently. You can find a detailed description of its functionality in my recent post “Moving and rotating OARs”. In this post I’ll describe how to install and use Zoe. I’ve designed Zoe with simplicity in mind, so that currently it only implements some very basic operations — by combining these operations, however, a number of pretty cool things can already be done. I’d love to get some feedback about the functionality of Zoe — at the end of the post I’ll list some of the things that I want to add to it, but I’m open to suggestions.

ZOE version 0.1 released
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December 16, 2009 Posted by | OpenSim, Tech News, ZOE | , , | 14 Comments