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Condensation Land: A status report


Recently, the page about performance in the Opensim wiki has been extensively updated, and this prompted me to gather some data for Condensation Land, a mini virtual world powered by Opensim which I administer, to be able to add this data to the page. Condensation Land is special in the sense that while it’s a quite small, home-based, world, at the same time it hosts a relatively big number of prims and scripts, and I thought that adding that data to the page might end up being useful to somebody.

0840 - Temple 1

Temple, an island by Omurtag Milev in Condensation Land

When collecting the data I had to visit all the islands, one by one, and this made me remember the story of Condensation Land, how it all started, the things we did there, the people who have contributed wonderful stuff to be displayed, and I thought I’d write a blog post listing and commenting detailedly the technical data I had gathered, and at the same time giving an account of the history of the mini-world.

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Three islands by Omurtag Milev

0837 - New, fantastic islands by Omurtag Milev

I’m proud to announce that we have three new islands in Condensation Land: Temple (secondlife://condensationland.com:9000:Temple), AngelicoMiguelis (secondlife://condensationland.com:9000:AngelicoMiguelis) and Conceptior (secondlife://condensationland.com:9000:Conceptior).

0840 - Temple 1


0849 - Conceptior 2


0845 - AngelicoMiguelis 1

Angelico Miguelis

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