Zonja Capalini

Three islands by Omurtag Milev

0837 - New, fantastic islands by Omurtag Milev

I’m proud to announce that we have three new islands in Condensation Land: Temple (secondlife://condensationland.com:9000:Temple), AngelicoMiguelis (secondlife://condensationland.com:9000:AngelicoMiguelis) and Conceptior (secondlife://condensationland.com:9000:Conceptior).

0840 - Temple 1


0849 - Conceptior 2


0845 - AngelicoMiguelis 1

Angelico Miguelis

All three islands were created by the incredibly talented Omurtag Milev (blog, Flickr). Omurtag has had several islands in Second Life, he’s been the curator of several exhibitions, and he’s more creative than I can adequately describe in words — therefore, I will leave you with two videos showing these islands, and with the recommendation to visit them, via Hypergrid 1.5 or using your local avatar, if you have one.

So much for the idea that virtual worlds powered by Opensim are wastelands :-)

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  1. […] and finally Omurtag Milev added three awesome islands called Temple, Conceptior and AngelicoMiguelis, […]

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  2. this is great! did you know Ormutag was the first person who asked me to display some of my pictures when he had his gallery on Second Life? Funny :)

    Comment by Crystalship Rehula | October 23, 2010

  3. Ah, didn’t know. Ludmilla and me also participated in that massive exhibition. I’ve been thinking that Omurtag would make a much more competent curator for a new instance of the Mirror Worlds exhib (I always felt that I was a disaster as a curator), I have to remember asking him if he wants to do that job, we could set up a Mirror Worlds 2.0 exhib with you, if you’d accept, and 6 new people. Let’s see :-)

    Comment by Zonja Capalini | October 23, 2010

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