Zonja Capalini


I’m an avatar. First rezzed on 20070201, living in the  Condensation Land virtual world, powered by Opensim

I’m a photographer, a machinimatographer [Flickr, Youtube], an occasional blogger (also at Maxping, Rezzable), and an Opensim activist.

I don’t do commission work — but if you ask nicely, I always love to help and cooperate :-) You can email me at zonja PUNKT capalini ATSIGN gmail DORT com.


  1. Dear Zonja:

    Florence Babenco told me about OpenSim. I downloaded the Hippo viewer and inserted the coordinates that you recommended. Do I need a password?

    RAG (RAG Randt in SL)

    Comment by Richard A Goldberg | January 23, 2010

  2. Replied by email.

    Comment by Zonja Capalini | January 23, 2010

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