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Installing OpenSim in Windows XP with MySQL.

Update 20090201: Included instructions for Windows 64 bit as reported by Xen Zerbino (Thanks! :-)).

Update 20090123:Fixed a bug in OpenSim.ini detected by Alpha Runningbear. (Thanks!)

Update 20090105: Reworded step 6 to eliminate some tech-talk, added a fall-back for initial log-in, and describe the shutdown procedure in as per Vint Falken‘s suggestions 1 and 2 (thanks! :-)).

Note 1: OpenSim is considered to be alpha software. This means that many things you expect from your daily use of Second Life don’t work in the same way, or simply they don’t work at all. Development of OpenSim is very active, tho, so that we can only expect OpenSim quality and features to better with time.

Note 2: This is not for the faint of heart. :-) You’ve been warned! :-)

Note 3: All the information presented here was valid on January the 3rd, 2009. I’ll correct errors that are brought to my attention, but this post should not be taken as a substitute of the official OpenSim wiki.

The purpose of this post is to present a short, comprehensive, do-it-yourself tutorial for the installation of OpenSim in a Windows XP machine, using MySQL as a back-end for persistence. I’ve tried to write the tutorial in such a way that you can understand it even if you’ve got no previous exposure to OpenSim or to database concepts; however, some familiarity with the operating system is required, in particular you’re assumed to know how to 1) open a system prompt; 2) open a text editor and create a file (the “notepad” application will suffice). A step-by-step procedure follows; you’ll be asked to download some files; these files implement OpenSim and MySql.
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